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7 Best Spring/Summer '22 Fashion Trends

If you see me taking three extra hours to get ready so I can finally show off my favorite outfits, no you didn't.

As we return to work and the future begins to seem brighter, last year's yearning for complete escapism has given way to all-out celebration, and spring and summer '22 is all about dressing the part.

Designers are showcasing collections that have a unifying theme: optimism.

Take a look at some of our favorite Spring + Summer 2022 Trends. 

Yes, fun prints! After years of stark minimalism and comfy basics, maximalist style has returned. It's undeniably adorable, with a tinge of worldly gravitas as well as a sense of naivete.

Fun prints can be worn to work, an event, or brunch with the girlfriends! Fashion that steals the show and puts you in a good mood is taking over.

Think prepped-up scarf prints, bold tropical florals, and handmade motifs. Add a little more: This season, artisanal details like embroidery and beading reign supreme!

Elevate your spring wardrobe with boldly-printed pants paired with a solid shirt or a fun preppy blouse paired with denim. Bold patterns + basic pieces make for an insanely easy, casual, and trendy outfit.


A dose of romanticism has returned to the trend talk with dreamy draped-style dresses and form-fitting wrapped tops that couldn’t be more flattering. With a mixture of grecian style and bodycon silhouettes, this trend is oh so beautiful!

You'd be hard pressed to shop this season without including at least one wrapped something in your final purchase. The recent popularity of the wrap silhouette is far from an enigma. Often veiling the midsection, resulting in a free flowing look, wrap clothing has become a go-to for a put-together look. The best part? The wrap tie blouse or dress a tendency to look good on almost everyone.

Wrap-style clothing looks best with simplistic and chic jewelry. Think a dainty gold necklace.



Fringes are SO in right now! The boho-chic aesthetic of the 1970s has made a strong comeback this season. Fringes slapped on clothes or accessories can make virtually any look a little more edgy.

The beauty of this trend lies in its versatility. You can easily incorporate fringe into any look with accessories or with auxiliary pieces such as jackets or kimonos. Everything from tassel shoes, earrings, bags, neckpieces and clothes; fringes can be found everywhere. Whether it's on the sleeves of a leather jacket or subtly accenting the hem of a skirt, this eye-catching trend is definitely a winner this season!

Fringe pieces can be dressed up and down. A fringe top or a fun fringe skirt are versatile pieces you can pair with denim and statement jewelry (think western accessories!).



Feminine styles and spring are a match made in heaven. With the weather gradually warming up and sunny trips becoming more common, putting on your most comfortable, breezy outfits might be the season's go-to look. Lace, ruffles, sheer details, gold hues and soft silhouettes all contribute to the aspects that make modern romantic fashion our fave. The romantic fashion trend is all about softness, femininity, lush textures, and a vintage-feel.

While we love a good ruffle, all-over lace, and flirty embellishments, these elements are stronger in small doses — via one statement piece instead of an entire ensemble. This makes planning an outfit so easy! For example, an ultra-feminine ruffle-detail top can easily dominate an outfit– it's best to balance it out with a neutral and simple pair of pants and a bracelet as an accessory. Moderation is the name of the game when playing with this hyper-feminine style. 



Ooh Lala! One of our most loved fashion detail has been all about the bold strappy-ness and peekaboo features in numerous shirts, dresses, bralettes, and blouses. Designers near and far are loving this décolletage detail that is flattering, sophisticated, and edgy and are highlighting this fun trend through imaginative cutouts in every shape and form.

These accents add dimension to the simplest clothes in the shape of crisscrossing cords, peekaboo cuts, and wraparound details that accentuate curves in the most understated way.

If you’re a little more conservative in your style, you can participate in this trend by swapping out a typical camisole with one with a double strap detail that is perfect for layering!




Sorry, but wearing uncomfy skin-tight trousers just doesn’t feel right in 2022— maybe because l got used to wearing my favorite PJs at home? In any event, I'm stoked to see wide-leg pants are all the rage this season. Comfy and cute? Count me in!

We’ve seen an amalgamation of the comfiest silhouettes of the past decades in the trousers department with wide-leg pants. Whether you’re running errands or heading into the office, you’ll look stylish and feel SO comfortable in these pants. 

Wide-leg pants should be paired with a fitted top or a loose blouse tucked in to accentuate your waist, elongate your legs, and give you that flattering silhouette. Other kinds of bottoms can be hard to pull off for shorter women– but not wide-leg pants! This style can be flattering on women of all shapes, heights, and sizes.




Let it bling! Bling & Glitz is one of the hottest 2022 fashion trends.

The sweats from last year–and the year before that– are being buried by the glamour and glitz of sequins and rhinestones galore.

This desire for a little (or a lot of) glam after so much darkness suggests the pandemic taught us all that there’s no reason to wait for the right time to wear something that makes you happy. And we love to see it. So let it bling! Pull out those sequins. Bust out that handy bedazzler. Roll on the glitter.